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There are some very complicated ways to create accurate perspective drawings, but they are difficult and time consuming.  It is worth finding any short cut we can.  The fastest and easiest way to draw in perspective is to use a VP3 drawing board.  It has pre-set vanishing points so that when the tracking rule is in one of the three slots, the lines you draw always go to a correct vanishing point and you don’t need to concern yourself with any of the theory of perspective.

Start drawing

The best way to start a drawing in perspective is to draw a prism and then make modifications to it. The prism needs to define the overall outside dimensions of the object: length, depth, height.  Have a look at the instructions page to see how to do this step by step.  The kinds of modifications you can do are all shown in the VP3exercises.  Once you have even just a couple of the modifications under your belt, you will want to go a bit freestyle and start making your own modifications.  When this happens, the instructions will only slow you down, so only refer to them as a reference when needed.  That’s the thing about the VP3 board, it is so intuitive that you shouldn’t let the instructions slow you down.  Get on with designing.  Here is an example of exploring what you can do just by playing around with what the VP3 Board can do.

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